Our company history begin from 2006


On 2006, started our company from machining company which based on batam and start making jig, die and tooling for electronic manufacturing company.

On 2010, we start to supply consumable goods and equipment to our company in ship building company and also industry.

On early 2011, we start for our fabrication project.

On end of 2011, we start our ship chandler business and supply to oil and gas company whether our fabrication projects and supply our goods. Our specialist in combining our technical knowledge with best quality products, we do advise for our customer in choosing products according to their needs.  Our specialist is in valves, mechanical seals, gaskets, seat rings and also fitting products. Apart from that because of our customer request in ship store needs, we begin our ship chandler business that supply quite a number of shipping company around Indonesia and Singapore, our core advantage is able to delivery the goods to anchorage area and able to provide support in 24 hours basis.
We commit to provide the best services to our company and our target is to be the largest ship store company in indonesia.