PT. Sinar Samudra Permata was established on August 2008, and is located at Batam Island, Indonesia. The company is also located a free trade industrial zone adjacent to Singapore which is about 30 Km away and is strategically sited to service clients in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia.

PT. Sinar Samudra Permata has been recognized as one of the most reliable steel fabrication and construction company for the oil and gas, marine industry and the other engineering manufacture industries. Since the company founded in 2008, the company has achieved a good track record for steel fabrication and construction within marine industries in Batam Island.

PT. Sinar Samudra Permata services shall deliver to its customers on schedule and after passing strict quality procedures in accordance with customer's quality standard and regulatory body quality standard as well.

In 2011, Joint venture between PT. Sinar Samudra Permata and PT. Erion Tirta Abadi become PT. Erion Karya Abadi,

PT. Erion Karya Abadi will continue to push the envelope by developing the skills of our engineers and workers, by empowering and making them accountable, encourage them to think and act independently, work as a team and expose them to change in order to deliver the best quality of services, products and on time, and to be a growing company in the industry.